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  • How to Avoid Cat Fights?
  • How to avoid cat fights? One of the most common conflicts among cats is guarding their resources from each other; but this may be avoided if you properly allocate their needs. How to avoid cat fights? Another important factor is to maximize the vertical space by incorporating elevated; and vertical structures inside your house such […]

  • How to Select a Savannah Cat?
  • How to select a savannah cat? When it comes to acquiring one; finding a good breeder is what you need to do to be paired with a healthy Savannah cat. Reputable breeders follow a code of ethics prohibiting sales to wholesalers and pet stores. How to select a savannah cat? The code they observe and […]

  • Why Do My Savannah Cat Hate Water?
  • Why do my Savannah cat hate water? Not all cats dislike water. Pet cats that have had favorable experiences around and in water, specifically during their crucial socialization period (early socialization happens in between 3 and also 8 weeks, late socialization in between 9 and also 16 weeks), usually like water. Why do my Savannah […]

  • Why Do Cats Groom Themselves?
  • Why do cats groom themselves? Numerous owners pick cats over canines because “pet cats are so tidy.” And it holds true: a normal pet cat can invest as much as 50% of their waking time grooming itself. Why do cats groom themselves? As a result, cats are generally extremely tidy pets, though sometimes brushing can […]

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